Growing your business isn’t possible without design.


From logo design to web design, my services cover all your marketing and branding needs. Think of me as your design bestie with lots of tricks up her sleeve. My clients love working with me because I am fair, productive, efficient, and creative. Working with me is like teaming up with a friend, I am easy going, honest, and kind. I am passionate about what I do and have basically devoted my life to the arts. Being a designer is what I born to do. My mission is to bring beauty to as many lives as I can through art and design and I look forward to working with you! Learn more about my story here.


past and current clients

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If you are unsure of what you need and could use help reviewing your current branding and overall design style for your business a consult is the best starting point before moving forward. A fresh look at your current presence can help you decide what the best step is to boost your growth.

With this service you receive:
(1) quick start chat, via email or phone
(2) a review of your branding elements
(3) a review of your website
(4) a review of social media & blog sites (if any)
(5) a report of changes and recommendations
(6) 10% off a design service within 1 month of consult

FEE $75 (report given 3-5 business days)


branding services

Branding is important because it tells your story. It’s the foundation of your business. From your logo and color palette to the fonts that reflect your style, bringing all these key elements together to make your business stand out is key. When working with me, we start with gathering inspiration to learn what you like and I combine that with my vision for the brand. Then I choose colors, fonts, special graphic elements, and images for you to look over and approve. You end up with a branding guide for your business, which is helpful to have for reference when creating marketing pieces and other projects. Then we move on to your logo and really start to see the vision come to life.


logo design / $350

Your logo is what represents you and your business. It's the foundation of your branding and should reflect your personal style and the vision for your company.

Includes one logo design, up to 3 concepts, and 3 revisions. Final files are PSD/AI, PDF, JPG and PNG format. Turnaround time is 2 weeks. Further revisions are additional fees. (Variation is an additional $50)

branding guide / $150

A nice way to organize your branding elements and use as a guide for all marketing and design. This is essential to your foundation as you build a brand that is visually cohesive.

Includes custom color palette, design elements, image treatments, current logo, inspiration images, and font choices with up to 2 revisions. Final file in JPG or PDF format. Turnaround time is 1 week.

web design / $700+

Having a presence online is a sure way to market your business and offerings, as well as provide contact information and news. I build the site with your branding in mind.

Includes up to 5 pages and 3 revisions. Images supplied by client or from my stock collection. Turnaround time is 2 months, depending on time of client feedback. Additional fees may apply depending on time of project.

*I am also a Squarespace Circle member, which allows me 6 month trial periods and a 20% discount for my clients, as well as optimized customer care.


This is the perfect package for those who are just starting out fresh and need the branding essentials. You get a logo design, branding guide, and 5 page website.

Includes: one logo design (up to 3 concepts + 3 revisions), branding guide (color palette, design elements, inspiration images, font choices + 2 revisions), website design (5 pages + 3 revisions). PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE

REBRANDING PACKAGE / (A) $325 (B) $675

This is the nice package for those who are looking to update their branding. 

Option A: branding guide (color palette, design elements, inspiration images, font choices + 2 revisions) and your current logo updated (colors, fonts, etc...)

Option B: everything in Option A plus your current website updated (colors, fonts, graphic headers/titles, etc...)



Design comes into play a great deal with marketing because beautiful things sell. Period. And there are a lot of ways to promote your business without spending $$$ to be seen and heard. Take your marketing ideas to the next level with smart design concepts that will not only help you gain insight on how to put your branding to work but also inspire more creativity.


opt in-SALES page / $200+

A common way to promote a new event, program or offering. This usually includes info, various images, payment buttons, and bio.

Includes 1 page added to your website or other platform and 3 revisions. Images supplied by client or stock from my collection. Turnaround time is 2 weeks. Additional fees apply, depending on completion time of project.

business card design / $100

The best way to promote your business or shop through networking, a biz card is a tiny slice of what you're all about. 

Includes 1 concept and 3 revisions. Final files are JPG and PDF formats, PSD/AI if needed. Sizes vary from 3x3 to 4.25x5.5 inchesTurnaround time is 1 week. Further revisions are additional fees. (printing fee not included, please inquire)

flyer design, one pager / $150

A perfect way to promote an upcoming event or current offering. Can be used as print material or shared on the web. A one pager acts as a resume of sorts and includes all important info about your business.

Includes 1 concept and 3 revisions. Final file is JPG and PDF format. Sizes can range from 4x6 to 8.5x11 inches for flyers and 8.5x11 inches for one pager. Turnaround time is 1 week. Further revisions are additional fees. (printing fee not included, please inquire)

media kit / $300

A nice promotional kit to market your services and offerings. Think of this as your pumped up resume, as it includes more details about your business. 

Includes 3 pages with one concept and 3 revisions. Final file in PDF format. Size is 8.5x11 inches. Turnaround time is 2 weeks. Images supplied by client. Additional pages are $50 each)

brochure design / $400

A great marketing tool to promote your business, event, or special offerings and includes needed information paired with nice graphics/images.

Includes one concept and 3 revisions. Bi-fold or tri-fold brochure. Final files are JPG/PDF format. Turnaround time is 2 weeks. Images supplied by client. (printing fee not included, please inquire).

booklet-catalog design / $700

A promotional tool perfect to market your business or event when there is a great deal of information or items. This is best for commerce related projects.

Includes 8 pages and 3 revisions. Final files are JPG/PDF format. Turnaround time is 3 weeks. Images supplied by client. Additional pages are $75 each. (printing fee not included, please inquire)

look book / $850

The perfect way to promote items in your shop, a look book is normally image heavy with just the essential information.

Includes 12 pages/6 spreads with 3 revisions. Final file in PDF format. Turnaround time is 3 weeks. Additional pages are $30 / spreads $50.



You will hear a lot of professionals talking about how your email list is pretty important. And it is. Direct communication to your customers and clients is a great way to keep the conversation going beyond social media and you have total control over it. If you are ready to upgrade the look of your list or thinking about starting one then my newsletter service is just for you. 


newsletter set up / $100

A great way to get started with your opt in/newsletter service. Template will be designed with your branding in mind.

Includes newsletter template and sign up form/page if needed. Turnaround time is 5 business days. Mailchimp platform preferred.

email service / $100 per month

A nice option for those who are too busy to send out weekly/monthly newsletters. Fee is paid upfront at start of month.

Includes 4 newsletters a month. Turnaround time is 3 business days. Additional newsletters are $20 each and clients must include all text and images.